MARVEL 75TH ANNIVERSARY Cover. 2014. Gouache, watercolor, and acrylic on bristol board, 13 × 19″.

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Suiting up. Alien (1979)

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Leaving EarthEolomea1972, Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany

Gojira 1954


Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)

Young Billy Batson is granted the power to transform into an adult superhero by the ancient wizard Shazam and tasked with protecting the powerful Golden Scorpion idol. As Captain Marvel, he battles against the Scorpion, an evil hooded villain bent on acquiring the five lenses that power the idol and using it for his own nefarious purposes.

This classic Republic serial featured the popular Captain Marvel character from Fawcett Comics (now owned by DC Comics) and was the first superhero film adaptation of a comic book. It has been critically acclaimed as one of the finest film serials made.

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